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1) Profile Life v lies. Dont be a DNA-denier. Abortion kills a new, unique human (HALF are girls). *Its my body* is a lie; a MALE fetus CANT be just part of the Moms body. The fetus has her own CNS, circulatory system, blood type, GENES/ I think=>I THINK I am. GEd 14,477,733 0.21 Israel
2) Seek the Truth: Jesus Is LORD. Do NOT be a DNA-denier; abortion kills a new unique human baby girl or boy. God is Love - Jesus proves it! Dios es Amor - Jesús lo demuestra. LLes [Founder] 4,055,333 0.09 Hungary
3) TPS 353,333 0.09 International
4) Wurstbach 70,000 0.10 International
5) User 0 0.00 International

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