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Universe@home project's two main goals are:
  1. to provide scientist with a necessary computational power and
  2. to provide the way of involvement for anyone equipped with a computer and willing to take part in the research
Our simulations deal with fundamental problems of the Universe, which cannot be investigated in a laboratory. From the birth of stars to the utmost energetic supernova explosions, nature still astonishes us but at the same time leaves ways for scientific examination. ... More..
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User profile Profile Marco8869 [E.R.]
Hi to all! I'm Marco8869 aka Campos, member of the BOINC.Italy team I'm doing the best that I can to help science development Have a good crunch!

Problems sorted :)
Recently we had some problems with validation process. Now the problems are sorted and all WU's from new batch are pointed correctly.
Also, new applications version are available for:
Windows 64bit
Linux x86_64

At the moment there is no app for Android but I hope it will be available soon.
5 Feb 2019, 14:42:43 UTC · Discuss

Server site maintenance break between 11th and 13th January
I just get message form server room staff:

"Dear all
A big shutdown of our network is coming!
Due to the measurements of the power grid, we have to switch off
the computer network in the whole building from 11 to 13 January 2019.
During this time, no computers will be working and even there will be
no voltage in the electrical sockets.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we have little influence on it.
Best regards
8 Jan 2019, 15:56:53 UTC · Discuss

As you know, I'm working on Universe@Home for some years now. I was also one of creators and admins of Radioactive@Home project and few another BOINC projects.
Unfortunately, for long time I'm working on this project voluntarily as is no funds on it to my role.
Because of this, I will ask you for support on my Patreon profile.
12 Dec 2018, 16:19:58 UTC · Discuss

Server crash
As you probably notice we had serious crash on server.
Unfortunately, both SSD's with project database in RAID1 configuration died simultaneously...
I have restored database from backup on second server but data are 24h oldest then crash time.
20 Nov 2018, 14:39:08 UTC · Discuss

Server upgrade
Tomorrow (24th October 2018) I will attempt to update BOINC server software.

This will cause number of server stops and possible some our web site problems.
23 Oct 2018, 17:26:27 UTC · Discuss

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