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Posted 12 Feb 2019 by marmot

http://IMTranslator.net gives: "How to speak in English, do not understand at all. Just joined you, and I'll be active for a long time."

Not sure "Administrator" is a great choice for name. Gives a false sense of authority you do not have.

http://IMTranslator.net gives: 不确定 "管理员" 是名称的最佳选择。 给人一种你没有的虚假的权威感。
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Posted 10 Feb 2019 by marmot
Android application version added.

Got work!

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Posted 9 Feb 2019 by marmot

At the moment there is no app for Android but I hope it will be available soon.

How long you think?

My tablet's on Universe, WCG, Rosetta and Citizen Grid and no work at all for 2 days from anyone. This hacked Lollipop 5.1 Amazon Fire tablet is responsible for ~700k of all my credit here and probably over 50,000 CPU hours of the 85,000 I've put in.

Guess Yoyo has work but I already have 100,000 hours in on Cruncher.

Seems like the number of Android projects has dropped way off in the last 3 years.
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Posted 8 Feb 2019 by marmot
Magnitude is calculated from the percentage of the total pie

Either way, the risk of loss from so much flux isn't worth the reward especially mid-project.

I'd rather BOINC enforce the standardized credit system and deny access to projects that inflate credit.

You'd think they learned a lesson after the Bitcoin Utopia fiasco.
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Posted 7 Feb 2019 by marmot
(especially those running gridcoin...they won't even bother checking the forum but just switch to whatever gives them more magnitude)

That is not how magnitude works. Magnitude is calculated from the percentage of the total pie that a GRC member returns and is independent of the credit system. Every Universe WU could give 1 total point and ItalianPower18 would still be getting the best magnitude. The computer that was "cheating" isn't even in Gridcoin and wouldn't hurt ItalianPower18's magnitude one little bit. But if the "cheating" technique caught on (if there is one, could have been an overclocked CPU or bad memory stick or numerous other issues causing the invalid results), it could.

People who are trying to get the highest RAC and win the BOINC credit epeen are loving the high credits scores here (although DHEP has stepped up the credit inflation another notch; see the fastest rising RAC scorers; all Collatz and DHEP).

The problem results with that machine stopped on Feb 4 and every thing since is valid.

Why are invalid results giving credit at all? I've not seen another project give credit to invalids.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : no WUs? -> "Project has no tasks available" (Message 2608)
Posted 14 Feb 2018 by marmot
Yep, my clients have also been unable to download any new tasks for several days. I thought something get stuck so I did a reset of project, but this nothing helped.

Is it general problem, or only Linux users are affected? On boincstats.com I can see a lot of users which earned some points lately.

See the owner's response in the News section:

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