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Posted 18 Apr 2023 by Sagittarius Lupus
Well, since white-listing is at the whim of the Gridcoin devs

Listing is not at anyone's whim. There is a well-defined process, which you know, and which you linked to -- here it is again: https://gridcoin.us/wiki/whitelist-process.html#greylisting

Please stop speaking for other people, in particular the Gridcoin developers, with whom you are not affiliated. You are speculating, and you are spreading your speculation as though it were fact. Privately messaging the project administrator as though you know better about a problem affecting their infrastructure is generally considered Bad Form, and advertising the fact you did only discloses that you want attention for being the first one in.

I know you're very enthusiastic, judging by your prolific post count, but speaking without any connection to the source of your information on the Internet is the super-duper #1 BOAT way for people to get the wrong idea about everything.

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