1) Message boards : Science : Universe X-ray sources (Message 578)
Posted 4 Oct 2015 by 3ejvrd2gg89a5jxbCxHuYRXyKPmY
Hello and from me.
I would like to ask you if you think to make app to use GPU? Because i wnt to use my nvidia gpu for this project.
Best regards.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Not getting much work (Message 525)
Posted 7 Sep 2015 by 3ejvrd2gg89a5jxbCxHuYRXyKPmY
Hello all. All in the project work fine. I crunch WU. At the moment i use only 4 cores of my cpu and already i crunch 624 WU. I try to use the boinc and this project on PC with Win XP but there i can't get WU. But at my pc with win 7 still crunch.

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