1) Message boards : News : This is incredible :) (Message 5164)
Posted 12 Mar 2022 by Sesson
With many CPU based projects run out of work, go vbox only or under sanctions, Universe@home is an excellent choice!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : cheating? (Message 3264)
Posted 4 Feb 2019 by Sesson
Currently Universe@home is producing 6 upload files per task, out of which 0,1,2,5 is empty (file 0 used to contain some log about universe simulation), 3 is the same as input file and 4 is a log file (probably not part of validation) whose only scientific result (iidd) is a pseudorandom number? That makes Universe@home a very good cheating candidate. I could only imagine Universe@home is currently searching for a rare event, otherwise the empty result is of no scientific value and one can write a program that produces these empty results which runs in 5 seconds to calculate the pseudorandom number "iidd".
3) Message boards : News : Server site maintenance break between 11th and 13th January (Message 3210)
Posted 14 Jan 2019 by Sesson
I got the following message when reporting the tasks: Scheduler request failed: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK
So I tried to open https://debian1.universeathome.pl/ in my browser. Firefox said the certificate is for "bhc.syntheticuniverse.org, dco.syntheticuniverse.org, syntheticuniverse.org, www.bhc.syntheticuniverse.org, www.dco.syntheticuniverse.org, www.syntheticuniverse.org"
4) Message boards : News : Patreon (Message 3154)
Posted 15 Dec 2018 by Sesson
I really want to know how fast a typical blackhole spins. In the BHDB results page I saw some mention about the spin of my blackhole, so I looked at my workunit results to see if there are any value. But, the result file(universe_bh2_180328_250_350574650_20000_1-999999_575400_1_r49426612_0) is EMPTY, unlike previous batches which has some log about star simulation. I also examined the log file(universe_bh2_180328_250_350574650_20000_1-999999_575400_1_r49426612_4) and input file(universe_bh2_180328_250_350574650_20000_1-999999_575400_1_r49426612_3), but none of these files have a value for blackhole spin! So what are we sending back with our computers? Maybe we should slow down so you have more time to update your app? Goodbye Universe@home and I'll be back when you are done with app upgrade.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Some BH spin tasks running for more than 1 day (Message 3119)
Posted 7 Dec 2018 by Sesson
Just abort the problematic tasks! The tasks available now have very short completion time. I like this batch very much.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : 0.07 Universe BHspin v2 "Long Runner" (Message 3003)
Posted 12 Aug 2018 by Sesson
In one of the two workunits, the other computer finishes the problematic task anyway. I would like to ask a question. Does the problem depend on platform and/or computer, or is solely the result of some Monte-Carlo method, where some random factor directs the program to enter a state that never halts? If that's the case, I would doubt about the scientific value of our results, as they are biased towards the situation where the tasks do halt.

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