1) Message boards : Number crunching : cheating? (Message 3275)
Posted 4 Feb 2019 by Profile Italianpower18
ADMIN WHAT IS GOING ON? IS this a way to ask us to leave this project? What is this new credit system? Why only 60 70 credits at wu? What is going on? Co ci stało? Should we leave this project? Whythis strange credit system? Where does it come from? Why you didn not warn us that new credit system will be the one used now?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : cheating? (Message 3269)
Posted 4 Feb 2019 by Profile Italianpower18
So a cheat was going on?
This is terrible seen the power i devoted to this project.....
Admin give us better and deeper explanation please. This is unacceptable.
To bardzo bardzo złe
Ja nie mogę uwierczić. Masakra!
Czy to jest tak łatwo robić cheats?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : cheating? (Message 3257)
Posted 3 Feb 2019 by Profile Italianpower18
I was also looking at this host

5 -7 seconds per wu

Something is going wrong
I feel stink of cheating
Admin please investigate
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Project has no tasks available (Message 3170)
Posted 27 Dec 2018 by Profile Italianpower18
in the moment that i am writing, server status page reports

Tasks ready to send 4328318

but in the same moment almost all my hosts aren't get any works or any wus.
Boinc manager's log says : project has no tasks available. Only if i click furiously and in a wild way the update button, sometime i got some wus.
Is something wrong in the server's project? i am almost destroing my mouses and this issue is making me tired
5) Message boards : Number crunching : neverending wus (3-4-8-9-days) (Message 3005)
Posted 15 Aug 2018 by Profile Italianpower18
Hello, running universe on multiples multithreads systems (24-32-48-56-80 threads systems) i had a lot of wus (at least 5-6 per client) which completion never ends. I saw a lot of wus running for over one seek and after getting borted by the project because running over the expiration date.
Is this normal? Is this a bug? In case of that the wus that look faulty are completed and reported, are those wus rewarded 30-40-100x times more in a proportional way of the crunching time?
i think that for the moment is better that i give up this project and to come back when these stranges behaviours are fixed because as much as i can understand those are bugs
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Rac Going down .... (Message 2935)
Posted 25 Jun 2018 by Profile Italianpower18
Hello crunchers, have you noticed that in general the host's rac is going down?? i noticed that despite the strenght deployed hasn't changed, the rac is going down.

Admins, what from your side?
7) Message boards : Number crunching : universe@home struggling to upload finished tasks (Message 2930)
Posted 18 Jun 2018 by Profile Italianpower18
is the same over here; also it seems that the certificate of the site expired some hours ago.
any answer from Admin?
Admin, gdzie ty jestes?

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