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Posted 8 May 2020 by [H]auntjemima
2,537.91 2,517.00 100.00 Universe ULX v0.15 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

4,756.02 4,756.02 pending Universe BHspin v2 v0.19 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

You are sorta right...my BH tasks DO take longer than my ULX tasks but only twice as long

I'm exactly right for my tasks. We may be looking at different versions of ULX, Krzysztof said he'd made them smaller.

This is using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (4095MB) driver: 390.13 OpenCL: 1.2

Using a what?! I thought Universe was CPU only? Just checked my preferences on the site, there is an option for AMD, but I don't think it does anything. I've switched it on just in case! But there's no Nvidia option.

There are no gpu tasks.
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Posted 8 May 2020 by [H]auntjemima
If they had disabled the ULX tasks that means there may not have been nearly enough BH tasks since they are shorter. Right now the Server says it has 625k BH tasks available and almost 32k ULX tasks in progress with zero available, we would need that number from a few days ago to get a better idea.

Shorter?! The ULX I've seen are much quicker to process than the BH ones. 2500 seconds vs 15000 seconds.

Yeah, the BH tasks are about double the time to process of ULX.
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Posted 8 May 2020 by [H]auntjemima
Whoa there partner! You had best hold off until Tuesday on making new ULX tasks! Monday you will be getting hammered again with all the final bunkers! :D

In the future, if you get notified you will be in a competition, you may wish to remove all ULX tasks in advance. ;) (I don't know that you did get notified, just IF you get notified).

I don't know about Universe, but Rosetta which is also in the competition has the same number of tasks in the field as they always do. How come everyone went mad on Universe but not Rosetta? I think it's more the ULX that changed the load, not the Pentathlon.

Rosetta was pretty lucky because of COVID. The load from people that wanted to run a BOINC project vs f@h caused they to up their output. Considering a large portion of the current pentathlon members were already running rosetta, it didn't cause nearly the issues.
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Posted 8 May 2020 by [H]auntjemima
Lots of good information. Thanks!
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Posted 8 May 2020 by [H]auntjemima

I think you are not right. The Pentathlon generates awareness and motivates many people for more crunch power. For a short time period.
An maybe new boinc user use boinc after the race.
Beside of that it is fun. Join a team, go to their forum.

I'm not so sure. Don't they just attract people who are already doing Boinc? I can't see a non-Boincer spotting the pentathlon and doing it. How would they even hear about it? I run 5 Boinc projects, and have been on Boinc since it started, and I didn't know about it until it was mentioned in here.

I run Boinc to do science. Yes I do watch my stats on Boincstats, but just as an idea of how well I'm doing. Even if I was obsessed with competing, the stats are forever, not just a short period. I prefer to look at my overall position.

This is very close minded. I began running BOINC after seeing a post on my forums looking for more members for a Formula Boinc sprint challenge. With teams looking for the top spot during the pent, many start recruiting members within their forums, websites and circles of friends. Some do the pent and then never come back, others see the interest and continue.
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Posted 7 May 2020 by [H]auntjemima

I don't see the point of these Pentathlons. All they do is move people temporarily from one project to another. I doubt they get more people into Boinc in total.

"The point" is a friendly competition. Keeps things fresh.

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