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Posted 25 Nov 2018 by Ray
30 Billion years, can be as a blackhole disposition, we can as a whole replicate a 40.ipN/300K billion 90megawat, per imaterial body is 8oo, 36932@ if we reapititudal a compleat a 15million paracycle emptitude black hole we are able to travel to Mars in 500day. a 3aK[][p][][]2K,,,[ we could in actual fact preprovide a 369phoiladephia experiment transverse send a planetary cycle body from earth to Mars ie NYC, or salem, not much sense in actually bartering small frie, hey back to nuts, in any case translate a prolytical body as such, a poly duponte body as a city we may find in icear79382###_/ 300 ligh years using a ligacaine, or drc.arFiarg. as such at light years we can be able pw a body obtuse at approach to ligh speed or thereaby increase the velosity by flite through a planet, as approach to sucha moicron we are transformed into a formless body as is sanctified as is the planetary bias lov we can exemplify the witness of the planets of such an obstacle do not had form or physics characteristics at all we find these are travesed into a serieies of bodies before time , these 50billion light years, at the time of Christos blekate, we drew a patch from befgore time as which the bigbang no'' the fallenicacalcave. we are as it were at the time 3 if we use a pen drew it in the syphrebourge, we hold also we can usage an alien object into time
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Posted 25 Nov 2018 by Ray
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