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Posted 13 Dec 2018 by Profile Penguin
I think you certainly deserve to be paid for your efforts. Talented IT people should not be expected to work for free. But this is a volunteer project for all of us. Should not the University of Warsaw, or the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences be supporting you?

I certainly understand if you can not continue. You have done more than your fair share for science. It seems that the institutions may be letting you down. I hope they can find some way to pay you something. Good luck.

I agree. +1

Yes, some institution should pick up this project and get it funded. Until today I thought this was run by an institution, not just one person.
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Posted 12 Dec 2018 by Profile Penguin
As you know, I'm working on Universe@Home for some years now. I was also one of creators and admins of Radioactive@Home project and few another BOINC projects.
Unfortunately, for long time I'm working on this project voluntarily as is no funds on it to my role.
Because of this, I will ask you for support on my Patreon profile.

I agree with the other post. What will the funds go towards? New server hardware? Procuring more data? Advancing the software apps? Hosting fees? I like to help out when I can, but to make a broad request from users contributing electricity costs and hardware resources without knowing where the funds go makes me less likely to do so.
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Posted 6 Nov 2018 by Profile Penguin
I just loaded this project several days ago but no files will download to any of my machines running BOINC. I have a large number of them but they have been PENDING for days now. Is the entire project down?


Doubt it - I've been getting tasks all day - https://universeathome.pl/universe/results.php?userid=48365

server status is good - https://universeathome.pl/universe/server_status.php

Do you have your preferences set right? To use all applications? I only get BHspin tasks, and no problems getting work all day.

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