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Posted 28 Mar 2020 by Profile marsinph
If I good remember, your problem was already reported.
To solve it, you need to manually download all the files. By reading your message, the project is not correctly
Go to download libraries of project. Not very convenient. I agree.
Good luck and take care. Each time I see the dayly report of your country, my eyes become trouble.
Our teams are concurent here, but all togheter, we need to support your country.
Belgium have a very large Italian comunity. Italy in the past have help my country by working here.
If you not known, our previous first minister come from Italy.
I repeat : take care
Best regards.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : I abort all the WU ! non sense to let crunch if updonload is impossibel (Message 4129)
Posted 22 Mar 2020 by Profile marsinph
Well : conclusion after the sprint :
Universe, a wonderfull and usefull project for the one who are interrested by astronomy, is unable to manage a sprint.
So Krizstof, remove it from SETIBZH and the Sprint. The one (like me) with will stay on PRJ.
But stop about SETIBZH ! I have in my team one user who refuse to export data.
Look in the next week returned participant.....
It will result a less load on your wonderfull server able to manage 250MB/s , but unable to receive a few bytes. There are not million of users !
Considering your server status we are only eight thousand recent active users
And with 15.315 computers.
Your WU are a few bytes (down and up)
So with the connection you refer (250MB/s), your server speed would be able to manage million of users ! If it it is 250 mbps, your connections shouls be able to manage about one hundred thousans users
We are only ten thousand !!! And not everyone at the same time reports WU.

I am sure you do all your best and all what you can.
But then remove from SETIBZH ! Look the monster crunchers !
Keep it in eyes, the next weeks, and you will see who are the most active..
I already know, one team (one user with about one thousand core) will nothing more crunch !
As usual, since years !
Best friendly regards and long life to Universe@home
3) Message boards : Number crunching : "team creation disabled" (Message 4122)
Posted 22 Mar 2020 by Profile marsinph
AstroSearch DK was founded on Aug 25, 2015 at seti@home, the founder started crunching as a member of seti@home May 6, 2001, Yes, we switch to a bonic-wide team on Jan 29, 2020,

Where does it say on Bonic-wide teams homepage https://boinc.berkeley.edu/teams/, that there must be xx thousands to be a real bonic-wide team, a team have to start somewhere, and your team has only 18 members, 7 are active, 16 with credit, where is it wide ??

We can't all have a company or school that makes server available at your disposal so you can crunshe mill of units,

Hello Kimkris.
I think you still not consider the real meaning of "wide team". It is disabled by Berkely since about 2008.
To create now a real "wide team", you need to contact Berkeley (Pr ANDERSON).
So you could ot switch to "wide team" in 2020. Read again the link you provided here above.
Also https://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Teams
When on all the PRJ of your team, you have the same founder, mail, CPID, then send a mail to Berkeley.

The first post is about creation of a new team here. It is disable by admin about one year ago.
He explained why.

I repeat, it is not the amount of members !!!. You mix the two meaning of "wide".
The advantage of a wide team : the founder, can change description, name,.... using the BAM of the team itself) on BoincStats.
One change on one place, and after 24 hours, the changes appears on all the projects.
A "wide team" founder can also send a mail to all users on all PRJ. Not need to go PRJ by PRJ.
And the most interresting : when a new PRJ appears, you not need to do something.
It is automatically. Not more needed to create again team.

One example : T-Brada, created in 2019, I needed to do ....nothing !
Team created by system on T-Brada, but empty of course.
The only i needed to do to unhide : joining the team with my personal credentials (not the one of the wide team).
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload/download problems and SETIBZH/Sprint (Message 4117)
Posted 21 Mar 2020 by Profile marsinph
I make difference between all the problems
My excuses, but it seem Universe have only problems

So In oder of read : ULX, as good as nobody take those WU
I do not know where everyone speak about up/down of megabytes. At me all my returened and validated WU are a few bytes I repeat a few bytes. To be very clear a few hundreds of bits. the biggest are about one kilo byte.

Server can manage about one Giga , so 0.0000001%
I do not think there are about one million users ons this project !

Then all my WU (down, and up) are in a few bytes. Admin , where you find a results of WU of 25MB or 50Mb ???
The biggest transfert was at project intirtilizationt ( 5mb)
After , WU are a few bytes, I repeat a few bytes. Not kb, not mb. Only bytes
My latest results sent, and validated : 134 bytes (yes : 1072 bits, plus protocols TCP/IP)
Your connections is unable ta manage a ferw bits ???
You have only a 1Gbp/s then you would gbe able ta manage about one million connection at same time !!!
Let us reduce with network problem to 500kl each second !!!

Then , Krizstof, you explain it will be fixed next week. OK so far.
But you have agree your project participate at SETIBZH
This competition ends on 22 march 20:59UTC
And you will try to solve after ???
let me remember you that in 2018, 2019 it was the same problem.
You produce new WXU ( ULX), but your server cancel it .
I am sure you do your best . I am sure your scientists needs calculation power.
Only look year after years the number of users...
Make again your project attractive ...

Firstly. I'm apologise for the recent problems. There was two of them:
1. I release new batch of ULX work units which generates large result files AND large temporary files. Firstly, I found only first issue and cancel tasks when I noticed what happens. Then I make changes to outgoing template, generate second batch and was happy... Wrong. The second issue impact loads of crunchers with impossibility to send back results.
I got info, that this application generate 25MB results data and had created results template up to 50MB, unfortunately some of tasks had 66-70MB of data...
Finally, I cancelled most of the tasks.

2. Second problem was size of results in aspect of bandwidth. We have 1GB/s symmetric line (approx. 250MB/s) used for server and NFS connection to store machine. This gives us about 100MB/s usage bandwidth for results. After few simple calculations I recognised, that this is not enough to serve large number of connections with this size of data.

On next week I will make credits for all users who had finish tasks but not granted credit due to tasks cancellation and not enough space problem on their disk. I just need firstly to play with some tasks on server which are already started.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : "team creation disabled" (Message 4116)
Posted 21 Mar 2020 by Profile marsinph
The only problem is that boinc-wide does not show up, I have a boinc-wide team that is active in 5 projects, but my team never shows up at universe@home.

I've repeatedly tried to get him to fix it, so boinc-wide automatically pops up, I still can't find my team AstroSearch DK on universe@home and it is currently crunching 5 projects, as we speaks.


Hello Kimkriss.
Wide team not mean "a large users". Your team have two users. But it is the start. Nice you join the NOINC to help research.
Wide team is refered as the definition of Berkeley. It is not more active since about 2007-2008. Disabled by the founder, creator (Pr ANDERSON, the "master of SETI@home latest century.) But he disabled this system due to too much abuses..
He developped a very powerfull system who allow team founder to manage all project togheter.
On change on the admin profile of wide team, and all changer replicated on all projects. Also the new one.

If you are owner of a real "wide team" you need to connect on it. With the login/pwd of the team.... I search and come back.
So only one post.

After search on your team (boincStats) your actual team is created in 2020 ! You with your I9-9900K (Win10)
You have crunch today on Asteroid and Milky way
And your new user with a i7-3610, Win7

So it it is impossible you are owner of a "wide team. "Approximatively, the latest created "wide team" have a team ID under 500,000.
Your teaml ID : 2,167,985,210
I think today, there are perhaps about only 100 still alive real "wide team" . And from those 100, perhaps 20 actives.

Then if your team not appears on BoincStats, it is only because you (and/or) your users have not validate in preferences ".... export data... (Consider it takes about 24 hours to be visible)
This consent is more and more required due to the european law about privacy. I suggest you read all about GDPR

Take care. Your country is a little less mpacted than my country (Belgium)
With hope it will stay so. But it is unfortunately a false hope.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload/download problems and SETIBZH/Sprint (Message 4087)
Posted 19 Mar 2020 by Profile marsinph
Hello, Krzystof
What happend with up/download ?.
Server status seem to be OK. Transfert are about a few bytes and some other few kb)
Not forget SETIBZH / FormulaBoinc, have choose your project for the actual sprint.
Normally, it is synchro of results/credits each hours in case of sprint;
Already two hours, and nothing..

The worst : most of WU are cancelled by serveur
Let me be very clear : WU returned , waiting validation, then suddenly cancelled by server !!!
If there are cancelled after a few second of crunch, no problem. But not after some hours !!!

I have returned 110WU . Only one validated (a BHSPIN), 109 cancelled by server after crunching and 4 "invalid, it can happen. I had about 20 WU "validation pending". Nice, but after some hours they go to "cancelled" !!!

If there are problems, then solve it and stop the Sprint !
In 2019; there were similar problems. Nothing change !
7) Message boards : Number crunching : "team creation disabled" (Message 4086)
Posted 19 Mar 2020 by Profile marsinph
Hello Schmeiily,
If you still have the "former" like you wrote login/pwd of your old SETI team,
Go on it and link the two. Be carefull about the team ID.
Not forget, it need at least 24 hours for replication. And the two login/mail need to be the same.
Good luck
8) Message boards : Number crunching : "team creation disabled" (Message 4085)
Posted 19 Mar 2020 by Profile marsinph
Hello everyone,

Read the first post and the answers of Admin.
It is still possible to join (add) team. But limited to owner of "wide team".
I also know Berkeley have stop creation of "wide team" due to too much false team and spamming.
It is still possible to create a "wide team", but it need manual intervention from Berkeley.
9) Message boards : News : New ULX's (Message 4084)
Posted 19 Mar 2020 by Profile marsinph
Some of these ULX WUs are taking 9 hours. The scoring should be proportional to the CPU time and not just a fixed number.

I fully agree.
So fast running, few credits, long running, more credits.
It is a way of calculation.

Now if some WU needs 9 hours on your monster computers, perhaps somethings is wrong !
On my very little i7-2600K; it take about 4 hours.

But I have buy a reserve of Belgian waffles to feed my hosts (only very few persons, here, can understand it)
10) Message boards : Number crunching : No WUs right now? (Message 3845)
Posted 28 Oct 2019 by Profile marsinph
??? Heed my own advise ???

Once again, read post of scientist and admin ! For sure about actual WU
You got today about 700 WU on your four ARM under Linux also on your i7-8850H Win10
But you return NOTHING !!!
You complaints, cryes, but block WU. Before complaints, look your own hosts
Then keep in mind the deadline and resent.
Look WU by WU, the latest digit of each WU.
It seems you are here the only member of crypto money cruncher who seem to have problem.
You want thousand of WU here, but there are not. And you return nothing for project !

You have about 700WU on your five host (522716, 517553, 517552, 517554, 517555)
All registred on 06feb19 (exept your I7-
With such host ID it show only a person who try as professional use..
And you shout there are no WU ! Of course, there are no WU, your hosts blocks it !!!

So please, do not answer me

Have a nice day.

Heed your own advise......
11) Message boards : News : Hardware upgrade (Message 3839)
Posted 27 Oct 2019 by Profile marsinph
Kryzstof ( sorry, I appologise if your name is not corect written)
I hope migration will be like as you want, without problem.
Any news ?
Why this question ? Because yesterday one user post a message about no WU.
Of course all of us know it (the persons who are attentive).

So waiting WU to help researches , best regards from Belgium.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : No WUs right now? (Message 3838)
Posted 27 Oct 2019 by Profile marsinph
If you are not able to find explanation, it is not my fault and you not need to attack, disconsidering me !!!
Before to do it, you would need to learn to read !!!


Then about six months ago Admin already have announced server migration (only exact date were niot knew)

So instead of crying and be not very polite, inform your self !
I wanted explain you, you are not far away from injury.
I not wish answer thank you. Read first.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : No WUs right now? (Message 3835)
Posted 27 Oct 2019 by Profile marsinph
Please read message from admin (Krzysztof) about server upgrade !
It is known already since weeks !!!

Best regards.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Certificate expired. (Message 3819)
Posted 12 Oct 2019 by Profile marsinph
I confirm,
unable to up/down load !!!I get new WU, but download not start !
15) Message boards : Number crunching : No WUs right now? (Message 3699)
Posted 12 Aug 2019 by Profile marsinph
Server sends WU's based on creation time. So the ULX tasks will go after last batch of BHspins, and before next one.
The 370 tasks are test ones, more will come if the small batch finish well.

Hello Krzysztof
Thank you for information update.
We will be patient.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Cannot Upload or Download Tasks (Message 3477)
Posted 14 Apr 2019 by Profile marsinph
The same here : certificate expired
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Team Management (Message 3214)
Posted 16 Jan 2019 by Profile marsinph
If you already have a "wide team" (as defined by Berkely),
You only need to creat a new team here, But and it i the most important, with themail adress you used at creation of your "wide team".
At next sybchro, BoincStats, will see your mail and automaticaly, will join the team here to your wide team.
He will also link this project with the CPID of your wide team.
At next replication, You will be able to manage all from the central BAM.
But I repeat and insist : you need to use the same mail adress of the creator of the wide team. If you ot have it, also no problem to recorver all. But it is not the subject here.
And not forget that mail adress need to be (re)validated if you changed of mail !!! Those two conditions are essential. But I think you know it.

The creation of a new wide team is since 2011 disabled because too much spam.
Refer also to project "Rake" and what they needed to do.

All is explained on SETI forum by the initiator of "wide team".
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Team Management (Message 3054)
Posted 18 Oct 2018 by Profile marsinph
The creation of a "Wide team" is disabled by Berkeley about 10 years ago !!!
Why ? I not explain here because some will again attacks .
Search the reasons to understand why it is disabled !!!
Google search on "BOINC wide team disabled"

Captain Kidd I
If I read (understand between you words) correctly, you are also owner of a "wide team", so in case of problem, you know who you need to contact at Berkeley. The ONLY one person.

But I already can say, it is not more impossible to import. Also Berkeley can not more do it.
I had the same problem as you.begin of this year.
I had give by private mail in a crypted file my login and PWD to the only one person who can help.
He is powerless now. Unless, team, by team, for so far there are no any hidden host in team.
Or each user who hide need to unhide hosts. Or contact through you, Berkeley... .
You understand that Berkeley have something else to do.
It is pitty, I agree with you. But it is !
You are able as admin of a wide team to add manually a user, using BOINC ID on project.
Project by project, user by user , host by host !!!
It is Titan work ! Reason why Berkeley not more support.
For sure for "stange users" who change of team each hours.

To solve, I think, the best is to login on BOINC it self, with the credentials of wide team (not your personal. I know earlyer it works, the CPID was correct)
Then you create on SETI a normal team with perfect the same credential as the wide team (login/pwd/mail as the wide) Wait replication to be sure CPID will be coupled.
Then the persons can go inside this "new team". No hidden.
But also the same credentials, unless, by migration, it will give conflict and not imported.
When done , from your Wide team credential, you can import users.
But if some users have differents teams on differents projects, the CPID, will not recognize.
I not expand about it. See the very heavy discussions on Formula Boinc.

As consolation, I have try, with full help from Berkeley.
After one week Berkeley, have say : We can find, but if we need to do it for each team,
then we not more works for our first goal : science research.

Best regards


Best regards everyone
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Number of errors (Message 2910)
Posted 25 May 2018 by Profile marsinph
There's an artificial disk limit and the tasks exceed it at the end of computation. The admin raised it before and it needs to be done again.

Also all you're going to get now are resends from other people having errors. It basically happens for everyone who runs a given task. So if it aborts for them, it'll abort for you too. The BHDB tasks come in batches. Once the tasks run out then about the only thing left are the bad tasks being resent. Just stop running that app after the batch has been sent out.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Number of errors (Message 2907)
Posted 25 May 2018 by Profile marsinph
Hello, the same for me about 50% WU finish in error !
Always the same "disk limit exceed"
All my host runs with SSD 250Gb and all have about 100Gb free.
In BAM, my setting are set to "not use more than 50% of disk space"
It will say 125Gb if I can count ?!
Considering I run 8 WU at same time, it will say 15GB
I come to conclusion that sometimes a WU need it.
But, I monitor the use of my system and never I see a peak.

Who can explain ???
Best regards from Belgium' s first team

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