1) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload failure: file size too big (Message 4171)
Posted 23 Apr 2020 by Greg_BE
Peak disk usage 2.28 GB
Stderr output

21:31:11 (41908): called boinc_finish(0)

upload failure: <file_xfer_error>
<error_code>-131 (file size too big)</error_code>

Peak disk usage 2.10 GB
Stderr output

02:43:04 (12080): called boinc_finish(0)

upload failure: <file_xfer_error>
<error_code>-131 (file size too big)</error_code>
2) Message boards : Number crunching : WU Error -> WU error -> WU error (Message 4158)
Posted 11 Apr 2020 by Greg_BE

Count me in on this file to large error.
I see only 1 person has completed it ok.

I think I see the problem already from my experience on another project.
It's a VBOX version compatibility problem.
The two systems (1 that ran it ok and then 1 running it now) are using VBOX 5.x.x
We run 6.x.x

Another project I just started has a problem with anything higher than 6.1.2
So since I run 6.1.4 all their work crashes.
3) Message boards : News : Server update (Message 3916)
Posted 26 Dec 2019 by Greg_BE
The server update screwed up the HTML coding for the web pages. Only your homepage looks correct.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : 25 day compltion time? (Message 3878)
Posted 25 Nov 2019 by Greg_BE
Universe BHspin v2 0.19
11/18/2019 6:17:55 AM
Report deadline
12/2/2019 6:17:55 AM
Estimated computation size
16,075 GFLOPs
CPU time
CPU time since checkpoint
Elapsed time
Estimated time remaining
25d 14:35:13

Fraction done
Virtual memory size
6.39 MB
Working set size
7.57 MB
Process ID

I'm dumping this one...that's a stupid completion time
5) Message boards : News : Hardware upgrade (Message 3854)
Posted 30 Oct 2019 by Greg_BE
I saw the downtime yesterday.
Are you guys done or are you going down again tomorrow?
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Task clock running up instead of counting down. (Message 3801)
Posted 26 Sep 2019 by Greg_BE

This task and a couple like it were showing a run time of over 19hrs (ok they might have been on hold since I joined up with prime grid), but when I had a look tonight the remaining clock was not counting down, it was jumping back and forth, mostly in the count up position instead of count down by 2-20 seconds.
This has happened before.

I noticed another projects tasks also acting funny, but did not abort them, just shut down BOINC and restarted.

Anyone know why this is happening?
7) Message boards : News : Server upgrade (Message 3560)
Posted 14 Jul 2019 by Greg_BE
Downloads start and then stall out as well
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Project has no tasks available (Message 3401)
Posted 24 Feb 2019 by Greg_BE
Well, either the bottleneck got solved or something miraculous happened, because now I have a big batch of tasks. Only took 5 weeks to resolve itself. Now after that work is done, I wonder...do I go another 5 weeks without work or has the problem been fixed?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Project has no tasks available (Message 3397)
Posted 23 Feb 2019 by Greg_BE
Look Admin project person,

I am at 0 credit now on your project. You have how many thousands of tasks lined up? Yet your system has a bottle neck you don't fix? Something illogical explanation that it happens when xx thousands of tasks are sent to the queue? Why did you do this when you know it jams up your system for certain users?
Why not pull some of that off and store it some place so your server works correctly?

I'll give you until the end of the month to fix this crazy issue and if not fixed I am gone.
No need to be attached to a project that does not work and then when it does come back the backlog of credit is so big that it takes over my system for a week.

10) Message boards : News : Problems sorted :) (Message 3388)
Posted 20 Feb 2019 by Greg_BE
Wow... Well this is the first I have heard of the issue....and I started loosing RAC and MAG on Universe 67 days ago across the board on all my ARM 64 crunchers..…. it was like the bottom literally dropped out.... I'm gonna start changing them all back over to UNIVERSE again from TN-Grid and ASTEROIDS.... Hopefully this was the reason my RAC collapsed....

That is not the reason. Their system has a malfunction of some sorts that is not letting tasks out to certain users or in general. There is a whole thread dedicated to this. At this time there is no factual answer as to why there are no tasks available. Just loads of speculation and guessing.
BTW, I have been running Asteroids well before this problem happened. So it is not Asteroids causing problems. The two projects coexist just fine.
Resetting the project will do nothing to help either. Already tried that.
For the moment some of us are SOL.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Project has no tasks available (Message 3387)
Posted 20 Feb 2019 by Greg_BE
I have 1 day of work and buffer 1 day extra so I can rotate through all the projects I participate in, in an even fashion. But U@H seems to just want to say no work. I could buffer 2 days extra and get nothing.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Project has no tasks available (Message 3375)
Posted 19 Feb 2019 by Greg_BE
I don't understand, if you have so many tasks ready to go, then why is your server locking us out?
That's the most conflicted logic I have ever encountered.

If you have an overload of work and your server can't handle it, then you should take some of that work and store it elsewhere until the server has depleted the tasks it has to a sufficient level that you can add more.

Meanwhile a lot of us out here are seeing our credits goto 0 with your project and then when we go get work, your project then hogs all the resources of our system to get caught back up in BOINC with credit.

This is crazy!

Tasks ready to send 2,260,206
Tasks in progress 82,542

That is so lopsided its crazy! You should have in theory about 90,000 or so in progress. I am sitting here with no work for weeks now. How many tasks could I have processed by now?
13) Message boards : News : Patreon (Message 3172)
Posted 27 Dec 2018 by Greg_BE
Perhaps you should start a go fund me account or something similar and those that wish to donate can. To me a person that sets up a go fund me account with a target and a description of what the money will go towards and that it can be proven that money goes towards the intended things shown in the description is more reputable than a post asking for money. Is this project sponsored by any organization? Perhaps you should start getting sponsors from astronomy organizations and IT organizations if you haven't done that already.
My original project that I joined a decade or so a go has all kinds of sponsors to help them with their costs.
Just an idea.
14) Message boards : News : Patreon (Message 3171)
Posted 27 Dec 2018 by Greg_BE
I unfortunately have to agree with this poster.
If I was to calculate my electricity use and the money I have put into this PC to run this project and others I would also like to get paid.
But I do it for the sake of science.
My original volunteer project IT guys are volunteers and students who volunteer their time and do not get paid.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Some BH spin tasks running for more than 1 day (Message 3117)
Posted 6 Dec 2018 by Greg_BE
Dropping BHspin from my list.
Hopefully there are other tasks out there.
It's killing my other projects all my stats are going down fast.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Some BH spin tasks running for more than 1 day (Message 3116)
Posted 4 Dec 2018 by Greg_BE
Some BHspin V2 units are showing remaining times to be 1d 4hrs to 1d 6hrs to run, while others show the usual 5 to 7 hrs to process.

What's up with these long runs?
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Bug Report - BHspin fails to pause/continues using resources while computer is in use (Message 2568)
Posted 17 Jan 2018 by Greg_BE
Boinc Manager is used in the following manner to shut down: Shut down connected client and after confirming the various message boxes, the client shuts down. Then I use Exit Boinc and exit the program. So no, your theory is not what I mean.

mmnonnin is more or less correct. After Boinc is shut down and exited, BH Spin tasks remain crunching outside of BOINC. I have to go into Windows Task Manager and kill them manually to get the load of my CPU so I can cool my system before shutting down for the night.

I thought they were a cause of excessive memory usage, but that seemed to be a BIOS/MOBO issue. Since the update, memory usage is down. Just to give myself more space in the memory I added another stick of 8 GB which was not cheap. Dang Bitcoin miners!
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Bug Report - BHspin fails to pause/continues using resources while computer is in use (Message 2560)
Posted 10 Jan 2018 by Greg_BE
BIOS update solved the above problem of memory usage and system lock.
There was a stability issue that was corrected with this last update.
Memory usage is way down now and even though BH -spin tasks stay working after BOINC manager quits, its not a real problem.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Bug Report - BHspin fails to pause/continues using resources while computer is in use (Message 2556)
Posted 9 Jan 2018 by Greg_BE
I'm going to have to check if this work properly within BOINC. If not then I have to explore what I can still do for universe at home outside of those tasks. If nothing then I have to leave. Because my system is getting bogged down by something in BOINC and I have not monitored it other than at shut down. Talking about locking my system to the point where I have to hard reboot.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Bug Report - BHspin fails to pause/continues using resources while computer is in use (Message 2547)
Posted 5 Jan 2018 by Greg_BE
I'm getting the same thing now for the last few weeks.
I log out of the client or however you want to call it and then exit BOINC via the menu.
When I go to cool down my system for the night before shutting down I notice it is not cooling off.
I check task manager and I have one or two BHspin tasks still running despite BOINC manager not running and the local client being logged out.

How the heck can tasks still run without BOINC manager? I thought that was needed?

Win10 64bit
Version 1709
OS Build 16299.125

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