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Posted 17 May 2022 by SuicideCabbage
Did you happen to forget to increase the rather low default number of maximum sockets available on the machine? When I do win the lottery and get a pipe, the transfer speeds are decent so it doesn't appear to be a bandwidth issue. I've also noticed if one upload is successful, I normally manage to get 2-3 out right after that. I'd look into that, as well as maybe some other tuning recommendations in the BOINC documentation. https://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/MultiHost#Increasingnetworkperformance The server seems to be strong enough, even if it can't quite keep up the feeder. The bottleneck is for sure the network, but I am not convinced it's a bandwidth limitation but rather a miss-configured setting on the host itself. See https://levelup.gitconnected.com/linux-kernel-tuning-for-high-performance-networking-high-volume-incoming-connections-196e863d458a for another quick overview on tuning the kernel for a high number of connections. If you determine this is an issue and want more information, private message me.

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