1) Message boards : Number crunching : Double or Triple your task throughput on Windows! (Message 4651)
Posted 7 Mar 2021 by wolfman1360
On my Ryzen 2700, BHspin v2 went from 1 hour 45 minutes on Ubuntu 18.04 to 57 minutes on Ubuntu 20.04.
I didn't think gains like that were possible. I wonder about my other projects?

The upgrade process has the usual pains. Be prepared for a siege if you have an Nvidia card. The login does not work. I have seen it all before. They just mix up the solutions differently so you have to spend time undoing the ones that don't work to use the ones that do work. Lots of luck.

I know I'm very late in replying.
It was a pain here too. Now my nvidia cards are bundled into a Windows machine running folding at home exclusively so I do not have to deal with that.
I need to figure out how to run Linux and Windows on the same machine. Dual booting has always made me leery - especially with uefi, and this is my main machine, where I spend a fair bit of time on Windows, especially while working. I may try it on my laptop - Thinkpad x1 extreme - although that has an Nvidia GPU so could pose issues.
I may give this Hyper-v a try on this 1800x, though.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Double your task throughput on Linux (Message 4650)
Posted 7 Mar 2021 by wolfman1360
Luckily I have a few Linux machines - well, more than a few, but Ubuntu 20.04 has been all kinds of trouble for me.
Still, this project is the only one that Windows truly falls flat on. A shame. There used to be some WCG subprojects where Linux faired much better, but now Windows is doing far better on one or two there. Sometimes Linux isn't always the end all, we won't talk about how many issues I've had with Nvidia GPU drivers and why I love my AMD. LHC at home has now conqored me, for now. I don't have the time or inclination to try and troubleshoot each evening after work, much less on weekends.
No idea why windows would be a contributing factor - it isn't as though this project demands a ton of resources, unless it is lacking a library of some sort?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : No WUs right now? (Message 3890)
Posted 16 Dec 2019 by wolfman1360
I'm getting work, both on Windows and Linux here, so might want to check settings. Either that or work has resumed.
Either way the server status shows 300000 plus WUs ready to send out.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Android 9 (Message 3888)
Posted 16 Dec 2019 by wolfman1360
I know I'm well over a month late but any news on this front?
I've got 16 cores of Snapdragon 845 and 8 snapdragon 670s chomping at the chance to crunch here.

This is amazingly frustrating that every project I have an interest in has remained silent when I bring up Android crunching, so hopefully this will be different. I'm running 7.16.3 beta and Android 9. I get that arm processors are mostly inferior to x86, but hey, every little bit helps. I'll throw my Razor phone 2 up here just to see what happens. So far, Yoyo has thrown me a ton of computation errors and I've gotten 0 answers as to why. When Asteroids hits 25000000 I think I'll be bringing my 100 plus x86 cores over here. At least there is some sort of communication going on, and that above all else is important to me.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : No WUs right now? (Message 3817)
Posted 11 Oct 2019 by wolfman1360
Since Asteroids has ran out of work for 4 days and then ran out of work less than 2 days later, I'm here seeing what goes on.

All machines I attached today got work. Mostly Windows, but one Linux machine in there too. We'll see what a dent 120 threads can make I suppose.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Is anything but Universe BHspin v2 being worked on? (Message 3712)
Posted 21 Aug 2019 by wolfman1360
Thank you very much. I'll be getting more machines onto this project.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Is anything but Universe BHspin v2 being worked on? (Message 3707)
Posted 19 Aug 2019 by wolfman1360
Very new here and I've just had this in the background on one of my laptops for a while now.
From what I'm able to observe, Universe BHspin v2 is the main thing being concentrated on with ULX, black hole database, etc netting very little (less than 1%). Are there ever work units for these projects and if so how are the runtimes vs. Universe BHspin v2? I'm seeing preferences for GPUs (AMD specifically) but am unable to find any information regarding this - are there no longer GPU WUs for this project?

My big rigs for this will be a ryzen pro 1700x and ryzen 1800x (the latter with an rx570), but I also have some low powered Atom x and z series devices and older core 2 duo and quads. Last thing I want to do is end up with work I can't send in on time.

Any help appreciated!

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