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Posted 11 Mar 2022 by ExtraTerrestrial Apes
Try using only 4 threads for each tasks, it prevents almost all errors.

The WUs were asking for just 1 thread. One LHC project asked for 8, but used only 1. Anyway, I believe it's possible to make them run but let's not turn this thread into trouble shooting for BOINC @ VB :)

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Posted 9 Mar 2022 by ExtraTerrestrial Apes
WCG is in transition to a new data center with a new project owner for the next couple of months, so lot of folks probably firing up old/other projects in the meanwhile.

Exactly, that's why I'm here :)
For me the two deciding reasons to go for Universe on the CPU were:

1. It's not about a pure math problem.
2. No Virtual Box. I've tried a few with VB, the result was horrible. Many errors and basically impossible to use all 24 threads on my 5900X with 16 GB of RAM. Not sure if 32 GB would be enough. Even ran out of HDDD space.

So thanks Universe for being easy to handle and for hopefully doing something useful!


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