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Posted 25 Jul 2022 by Jim1348
Here are the applications:
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Double your task throughput on Linux (Message 5600)
Posted 20 May 2022 by Jim1348
Maybe I mentioned this before, but I have written up my experience on running Ubuntu with WSL on Win10.
It works very well now, by using BoincTasks to manage it. You just assign different ports to the Linux side and the Windows side, and you can run some cores on each.

I have compared the speed on my Ryzen 3600 Win10 machine to the speed on another Ryzen 3600 native Ubuntu 20.04.4 machine, and they are identical insofar as I can see. But I will mention that the WSL machine, after running flawlessly for a week or two, will suddenly quit, and I have to reboot (I run it 24/7).
Maybe it is a Windows update? I don't see the cause.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Double your task throughput on Linux (Message 5596)
Posted 20 May 2022 by Jim1348
If you will, please look at this work unit:


Did you cite the right one, or you changed it? It looks OK to me now.
4) Message boards : Science : How does Universe@H's BHSpin application differ from the new project BlackHoles@H? (Message 5256)
Posted 25 Apr 2022 by Jim1348
I've recently seen a spike in activity on the website in late Marche/April. Seems like the conducted a lot of software development. RAM requirements stated in one of the recent news was ~3 GB per task and as such much less demanding than initially feared.

I had some private communication with Prof. Etienne about six months ago, and he indicated that the work units could be only about 2 GB or so. That would make it possible for a lot of people to run at least one.

But that may change of course, so I would not assume it until it actually appears.
(And there could be some bigger work units during development too I think.)
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Longer tasks? (Message 5233)
Posted 28 Mar 2022 by Jim1348
It varies. At the moment, I see 1 hour 35 minutes. Yesterday, they were either 34 minutes or 54 minutes (i9-10900F and Ubuntu 20.04.4).
6) Message boards : Science : What Can We Learn About the Universe from Just One Galaxy? (Message 5231)
Posted 28 Mar 2022 by Jim1348
Imagine if you could look at a snowflake at the South Pole and determine the size and the climate of all of Antarctica. Or study a randomly selected tree in the Amazon rain forest and, from that one tree—be it rare or common, narrow or wide, young or old—deduce characteristics of the forest as a whole. Or, what if, by looking at one galaxy among the hundred billion or so in the observable universe, one could say something substantial about the universe as a whole? A recent paper, whose lead authors include a cosmologist, a galaxy-formation expert, and an undergraduate named Jupiter (who did the initial work), suggests that this may be the case. The result at first seemed “crazy” to the paper’s authors. Now, having discussed their work with other astrophysicists and done various “sanity checks,” trying to find errors in their methods, the results are beginning to seem pretty clear. Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro, one of the lead authors of the work, said, “It does look like galaxies somehow retain a memory of the entire universe.”

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Thread (Message 5222)
Posted 27 Mar 2022 by Jim1348
Yes, I have five stuck uploads again. There is no point in doing them manually.
I will just let them go automatically.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Thread (Message 5212)
Posted 27 Mar 2022 by Jim1348
I had about 20 waiting to upload, but I did a manual retry, and they all went OK.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Thread (Message 5208)
Posted 27 Mar 2022 by Jim1348
I see the problems too, with a frequent "Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down", the last one less than 5 minutes ago.

But the effect is negated by running it with LHC/native Theory. They have similar run times, and get along well on my i9-10900F (Ubuntu 20.04.4).
So I really see no net effect thus far. I get enough BHspin v2 to keep it going.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Is BHspin v2 v0.20 a speedup? (Message 5129)
Posted 21 Feb 2022 by Jim1348
I see a small speedup from about 65 minutes down to 55 minutes on an i9-10900F (Ubuntu 20.04.3) over the last few days.
But that is all on v0.20, which is as far back as my data goes. It has been longer before (and shorter too).

I think it is probably just the data as it cycles through its period, rather than the app.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : download failed (Message 5097)
Posted 16 Feb 2022 by Jim1348
My first one failed, the only one I have tried thus far, on Ubuntu 20.04.3.
12) Message boards : News : No tasks (Message 5060)
Posted 29 Jan 2022 by Jim1348
Over 7.000 WUs are still in progress and falling very slowly to 0. Maybe you should break them up and resent the WUs for a faster way to 0 ?

Or just shorten the timeouts, whatever they are. I don't recall.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Uploads / Downloads have stopped working. (Message 5042)
Posted 12 Jan 2022 by Jim1348
If people read the news, they would have some idea of what is going on.
14) Message boards : News : No tasks (Message 5014)
Posted 23 Dec 2021 by Jim1348
The results upload, but then they are not reported. That is for credit, which does not concern me at all.
On the other hand, I could be out of work too in a few hours, so I will have to consider a Plan B.
15) Message boards : Science : Are black holes and dark matter the same? (Message 5010)
Posted 21 Dec 2021 by Jim1348
Proposing an alternative model for how the universe came to be, a team of astrophysicists suggests that all black holes -- from those as tiny as a pin head to those covering billions of miles -- were created instantly after the Big Bang and account for all dark matter.

This was posted by Kavanagh on the Einstein forum.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : is the BHspin application OpenCL? (Message 5005)
Posted 16 Dec 2021 by Jim1348
They tried a couple of times with two different developers, both very skilled it seems, and couldn't make it fly.
If you search the older posts (at least two years old by now), you can probably find it.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Longer WUs? (Message 5001)
Posted 14 Dec 2021 by Jim1348
I noticed that. They are running 65 minutes on my i9-10900F (Ubuntu 20.04.3).
I think the old ones were about 45 minutes, though it has been a while since I last ran them.

EDIT: But my ones from November were even longer, about 75 minutes, so I guess it varies. However, I may have been running another project then that slowed them down. I am running only the Universe ones now.

It would be nice to get a year-end update on our progress while we are on the subject.
18) Message boards : News : No tasks (Message 4941)
Posted 11 Nov 2021 by Jim1348
If there are any suggestions, they should be discussed publicly in the forum. That is what it is for.

Do you have the latest BOINC? The last one had a certificate problem. There are many posts on it, if you look.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Uploads / Downloads have stopped working. (Message 4908)
Posted 23 Oct 2021 by Jim1348
This is all over the forums by now.
20) Message boards : Cafe : Can't upload completed work? (Message 4902)
Posted 22 Oct 2021 by Jim1348
You need the new BOINC.

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