1) Message boards : Science : How does Universe@H's BHSpin application differ from the new project BlackHoles@H? (Message 5731)
Posted 3 Aug 2022 by Drago75
The installation manual contains 80 steps (!)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Tasks Sticking (Message 5257)
Posted 25 Apr 2022 by Drago75
Ok, simply pausing and restarting doesn't help. If I do that they start over from scratch until they stall again at the end. Had to delete them and start a different wu. Happens rarely but it is a new phenomenon which started occuring maybe a month ago.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Tasks Sticking (Message 5246)
Posted 11 Apr 2022 by Drago75
I had a few of those stuck tasks as well maybe 10 of them last week. They all appeared on my Android devices version 10 with Boinc 7.18.1. They would run to 99.95% and than just sat there. This particular example I discovered after 30 hours but the log shows only 10 hours of CPU time. My wingmen seemed to have finished this task without problems. I translated the important info of the log file.

Name universe_bh2_190723_396_4338400662_20000_1-999999_405100_0
Arbeitspaket 95246018
Erstellt 25 Mar 2022, 3:13:10 UTC
Gesendet 2 Apr 2022, 9:15:00 UTC
Ablaufdatum 16 Apr 2022, 9:15:00 UTC
Empfangen 10 Apr 2022, 8:33:38 UTC
Serverstatus finished
Resultat calculation error
Clientstatus aboarted by user
Endstatus 203 (0x000000CB) EXIT_ABORTED_VIA_GUI
Computer ID 590496
run time 1 day 6 hours 18 min. 40 sec.
CPU time 10 hours 49 min. 40 sec.
status invalid
Punkte 0.00
max. FLOPS des Gerätes 3.20 GFLOPS
Anwendungsversion Universe BHspin v2 v0.21 (android_arm_pie)
Peak working set size 3.04 MB
Peak swap size 9.45 MB
Peak disk usage 2.65 MB
Stderr Ausgabe

aborted by user</message>
1649509682 (30316): called boinc_finish


In the future I will try to pause the wu and restart it again.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Additional column in the "Computers" overview please! (Message 5243)
Posted 8 Apr 2022 by Drago75
My rig dedicated to Universe consists out of 17 Android devices. Sometimes they don't perform as they should. It would be a lot easier to find out the misbehaving one if there would be an additional column under my "computers" which shows the number of uploaded wu's yesterday or within the last 24 hours. At the moment I have to manually check and count the results of every device which is not convenient.
5) Message boards : News : Temporary brakes on 2nd February (Message 5069)
Posted 3 Feb 2022 by Drago75
Hey Krzysztof. Are we all waiting at the moment for the last 1200 wu's to complete? If that is the case why don't you just abort those? If people are keeping excessively long work queues and holding up the system upgrade I feel we shouldn't feel sorry. They can download new wu's after the server revamp
6) Message boards : News : No tasks (Message 5049)
Posted 19 Jan 2022 by Drago75
You don't need to remove a project from you list everytime there is no more work. Just leave it and concentrade on another project until the work returns...
7) Message boards : Number crunching : downloads don't start (Message 4904)
Posted 22 Oct 2021 by Drago75
Hey Keith! You were right! The problem was the outdated certificate. After updating Boinc Universe works without problems. It is interesting to note that of the four projects I tried only Universe seemed to be effected by that. Thanks.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : downloads don't start (Message 4897)
Posted 18 Oct 2021 by Drago75
on my Android the Universe WU's appear for download but they never start and just sit there saying "downloading", not doing anything. Before the summer when I turned the phone off because of the heat, Universe worked fine. Rosetta, Einstein and WCG still do. On that phone I am not using the newest BOINC version but the one before that (7.16.x?) which used to work just fine. Since summer I didn't change any settings. Does anyone experience the same problem?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux running on 64-bit ARM on more applications. (Message 4875)
Posted 11 Oct 2021 by Drago75
Hey Keith! What are your experiences with the Jetson Nano? What projects can you run and does it get a decent amount of work done? Did I understand you correctly and it can also perform GPU tasks? Thanks for all your posts... Tom

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