1) Message boards : Number crunching : Uploads / Downloads have stopped working. (Message 4913)
Posted 24 Oct 2021 by Ian&Steve C.
When I had this issue at the very beginning on my linux hosts, I simply updated my systems issuing a sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade. And updates for the certificates came down the pipeline and BOINC started working again. I did nothing else. The certificates aren’t baked into BOINC on Linux like they are on Windows.

That was on Linux Ubuntu. Not sure what’s available on your specific distro.
2) Message boards : Science : How does Universe@H's BHSpin application differ from the new project BlackHoles@H? (Message 4773)
Posted 13 Aug 2021 by Ian&Steve C.
They just postponed the estimated start of the project and pushed it back one quarter. The revised start date is now fall 2021.

Additionally, the project that was to my understanding affiliated with the West Virginia University, now changed its project's lead to the University of Idaho.

As a WVU alumni, I was excited for this project's release. so it's unfortunate to hear that they switched affiliation. I don't think the WVU researchers have left WVU for Idaho, so I'm not sure the reason for the project's move.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Double or Triple your task throughput on Windows! (Message 4669)
Posted 25 Mar 2021 by Ian&Steve C.
I've found that einstein@home is about 4.5 times faster on ubuntu than win10. (That's for a gpu task, I'm not sure if they have cpu only tasks)

people don't usually report this kind of speed difference between Windows/Linux on Einstein. some of the fastest systems on the project still run Windows. That just wouldnt be the case if Linux was more than 4x faster.

What GPU do you have and which GPU tasks/application were you running? very slow processing time like this usually means something is overcommited, either CPU or GPU memory.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Double your task throughput on Linux (Message 4573)
Posted 3 Dec 2020 by Ian&Steve C.
you get some overhead with a virtualized environment so it'll never be as fast as bare metal.

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