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Posted 8 May 2020 by 10esseeTony
Whoa there partner! You had best hold off until Tuesday on making new ULX tasks! Monday you will be getting hammered again with all the final bunkers! :D

In the future, if you get notified you will be in a competition, you may wish to remove all ULX tasks in advance. ;) (I don't know that you did get notified, just IF you get notified).
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Posted 8 May 2020 by 10esseeTony
Suspending does not stop the uploads. Also he wants to continue running Universe.
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Posted 24 Dec 2016 by 10esseeTony
Krzysztof, do you have any updated information as to when you believe the GPU application will be available?

Krzysztof, masz wszelkie uaktualnione informacje co do tego, kiedy uważasz, że dana aplikacja GPU będzie dostępna?
4) Message boards : News : Back to work! (Message 1845)
Posted 24 Dec 2016 by 10esseeTony
Hee Hee. Google translate has gotten better...but:

I keep my fingers crossed for the project and my gtx 970 can no longer wait for versions gpu :) at the moment consumes electricity to the Czech project at the University of Prague and studying asteroids. However, very willingly switching to Universe @ home.

In addition, I have a question if you have plans to launch other programs 'space'?

I thought that it would be worth it to run a project who would be more commercial in the sense of more millenialsow would be able to run after secondary Wiedzmina his kompa in the example. Poszukiwainu asteroids and protect the ground before the disaster. Description "aims to create the first database of the simulated stellar content of the Universe, from the earliest stars to the most exotic black hole binaries" With all due respect to the validity of this project is to suspect them little sexy. Think about it then it will be easier to convert those of mainstremowego program to more niche research.

Milo counting asteroids on the GPU is a waste of GPU, GPU apka there is very inefficient, far better to rely on the CPU. A GPU Could you for example in GPUGRID for now utilize meaningfully. As for the rest, unfortunately, I agree;)

Currently, there are plans for a completely new design which is very possible that I will be doing a server, and dealing with just monitoring space in order to detect potential space objects that could be a threat to Earth.
At this point continues the search for sources of funding for the project, since it would require a fairly elaborate structure and the crew of programmers. The concept itself is obviously ready ...

Krzysztof very cool idea. This could be a very good promotional dodge lest people to join the project and eg. Do weekends there any scientific sense switches to the weekend on a more 'scientific' program there also your power is needed :)

My question is what is the cost of such a project estimate. I could help in finding financing.

kain thanks for the info. I removed these astreoidy. faktyczine poorly optimized design. you can not work on my PC when counted for gpu. I joined to GPUGRID -> more noble goal too.

Such a small technical note, if you can not work on your computer during the counting, it shows that even with exemplary optimization program (uses 100% graphics card) ;)

and be here the wise who is right :)

Technically (I note the word "technically") speaking, the application GPU is not fully utilizing the power of the GPU (ie not obciążająco it 100%) is poorly optimized. But, as I wrote, it is a technical and "dictionary" approach to the subject :)

I Indicate only wrote the application on the GPU asteroids @ home is "inefficient" and not "poorly optimized", not the same ;)

Is in Development project is scheduled ranking userów? Which generated the most points?

And whether the planned processors are benchmarks? Something like this to see how fast the processor count? This ranking processors?

+ In detail Taski even a brief description of what is currently expected.

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