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Posted 4 Dec 2023 by Profile Casey Lellock
Thanks for the advice. Looking further here is what I found. For some reason when I went to redownload I went to WCG website instead of BOINC. Dumb of me I know. No idea what I was thinking. Anyway, they have nowhere near the current version for download so steer away from that in the future. After going straight to BOINC and redownloading all issues are gone.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Project Troubles (Message 6270)
Posted 30 Oct 2023 by Profile Casey Lellock
I've been running BOINC for a few years now and just the other day was finally able to move everything over to a dedicated drive. To do this I uninstalled BOINC and re-installed (to get the most current version as my other was out of date) and now I'm unable to add many projects back including this one. It says "failed to add project try again later." Never prompts for email or password. Anyone else ever run into anything like this? Already check firewall and VPN. Neither one of those seem to be the issue. Especially because I was able to add other projects back with no issues.

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