1) Message boards : Number crunching : ~10x normal daily credit in a few hours!! (Message 4178)
Posted 30 Apr 2020 by Alien Seeker
Yes, all the tasks already get credits.
Let me know if any of your task didn't, please.

Hello. I had a task deemed invalid because there were too many errors, although mine returned correctly: result.php?resultid=95998145. I don't really care about credits but I wouldn't mind. ;-)

More important is the fact that this task was actually sent to me when the work unit already had 6 computing errors: workunit.php?wuid=43785180. Results 0 to 5 all returned before I got my task, result 2 being the one causing the resend. So the server already knew this WU would never validate, and creating a resend would always lead to wasted computing power.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload failure: file size too big (Message 4167)
Posted 19 Apr 2020 by Alien Seeker
There are two different problems related to excessive output file size. The one mentioned in the other thread is that the task itself fails during computing because it expects a smaller output: task 96062288 is an example, with a "Disk usage limit exceeded" message. The problem I referred to up in this thread is when computing happens fine, the task itself is configured with big enough limits to fit, but then after computing ends, the upload server rejects the result: see task 96009619 for an example; this time the message is "upload failure: universe_ulx_511_1819_20000_1-999999_150000_0_r262071627_1, -131 (file size too big)".
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload failure: file size too big (Message 4163)
Posted 16 Apr 2020 by Alien Seeker
One of my tasks was refused because the output file was too big. Either the limits should be increased or these tasks should be detected before the end to limit the lost computing power.
4) Message boards : News : New ULX's (Message 4157)
Posted 10 Apr 2020 by Alien Seeker
I noticed something else: they don't seem to respect the cpu_usage_limit global prefs option. Oddly, they appear to be suspended at times (that's how boinc does it) but not as much as they're supposed to. I don't have BHSpins at the moment to compare but I think they behaved as expected.
5) Message boards : News : New ULX's (Message 4156)
Posted 10 Apr 2020 by Alien Seeker
Hello, an ULX task from 6 April auto-aborted due to disk size exceeded (after 6 hours of CPU processing, ouch):
10-Apr-2020 15:00:24 [Universe@Home] Aborting task universe_ulx_510_4959_20000_1-999999_130000_1: exceeded disk limit: 1808.91MB > 1716.61MB

I'm using Linux and strangely, a wingmate running Windows seems to have had no problem with the same task.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Universe server certificate expired (Message 4153)
Posted 9 Apr 2020 by Alien Seeker
And I can't upload finished tasks, likely for the same reason.

Edit: Ah thanks, it works now. :-)

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