1) Message boards : Number crunching : What do you guys make of this? (Message 1599)
Posted 30 Sep 2016 by Stiller Cruncher
Thank you very much to stop these senless WU validating.
It was one of my Odroid XU4 wich is running since Month for Universe@Home only. I haven't changed anything and was also suprised to see what the ARM is generating.
There was 7 WUs running normal, only 1 Core was running very fast. I have no Idea why ...
At the moment the ARM is stopped with: no new Work.
maybe you can find out what happens that these Odroid ist starting these senless WUs ...

When there is an possibility to delete these senless WUs please don't hesitate to do.
An Example: http://universeathome.pl/universe/workunit.php?wuid=7169817

I appologize for that trouble ...


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