1) Message boards : Number crunching : Immediate "Computation errors" on downloaded tasks (Message 2490)
Posted 13 Nov 2017 by BobCat13
Looks like the executable was compiled with a requirement of Vista or newer. This can be changed with PEInfo if you really want to try it on XP.

Using PEInfo, under the "Optional (PE) Header" tab, change both "MajorOperatingSystemVersion" and "MajorSubsystemVersion" from 6 to 5 and then File, Exit. Note: Do not use the Save option
2) Message boards : Number crunching : No New Work (Message 964)
Posted 22 Dec 2015 by BobCat13
Might be this:

Transitioner backlog (hours) 17.72
3) Message boards : News : New applicaion (Message 452)
Posted 11 Aug 2015 by BobCat13
All tasks error with the following:

    process exited with code 193 (0xc1, -63)
    SIGSEGV: segmentation violation
    Stack trace (7 frames):



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