1) Message boards : Number crunching : Howto for aarch64 machines (ODROID C2, Pine64, Banana PI HC5...) (Message 4969)
Posted 2 Dec 2021 by Technik007[CZ]
I have 15pcs NanoPi Fire3-LTS boards equipped with 64bit Octa-core Arm SoC. I run on this boards Universe, Wanless, Tngrid and LHC@home.
The latter one I added recently because they created aarch64 app.
Tngrid has got 64-bit ARM long time ago.
So I went to Wanless and found out they added 64-bit ARM recently as-well. But to receive only 64bit tasks I had to remove armhf support from cc_config.xml. And with this change I have stopped receiving work for Universe@home.
I could go back and open support for armhf apps on my boards but there is big performance penalty for Wanless project so I will not to do it.
Hopefully I can run Universe@home on 2 other boards Raspberry Pi.

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