1) Message boards : Number crunching : No WUs right now? (Message 3657)
Posted 4 Aug 2019 by Wandering
Like lots of us, I have been plagued by the message saying no work is available since the system moved to new servers. The problem is there, and not with us. I found a temporary workaround by disconnecting from the project and resetting it. Then when I reconnected, I got a batch of work units. Now, I'm out again. I run five, now four projects since removing universe. I don't have the time to spend doing nursemaid to the system. The four remaining projects just tick along with no attention from me, as I accumulate about 90,000 points per day.

I won't be back unless someone drops me a note, and says it is working properly again. I'm not going to jump through hoops to donate my time.

My system is a Corsair One I14o running an i7 9700K at about 4.4 G. I have 32 Gig memory, and an RTX 2080.

My email is Ray.Clare@yahoo.com.

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