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Message 1032 - Posted: 21 Jan 2016, 19:27:49 UTC

We have finished a bunch of models, which will be published shortly. However, still a lot more are waiting for investigation. In the case of ULXs we are working on the influence of more primordial matter composition on formation of these mysterious objects. The BHSPIN application concentrate on black holes spin (i.e., rotation), which influences the mass accretion processes (necessary for the detection of this latent objects), and emission of gravitational waves (a.k.a. propagation of space-time wrinkles). The last process is recently raises a unprecedented interest due to the rumours of its first observations. Predicted 100 years (precisely) gravitational waves have not been detected yet. Our results may play a significant role in understanding the observational results.

In polish public television appeared in the end of previous year a program about scientific computing considering also our project. Unfortunately it is available only in polish. You may found it here
Grzegorz Wiktorowicz
National Astronomical Observatories,
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Message boards : News : New models and television program about U@H (in polish)

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