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Message 896 - Posted: 11 Dec 2015, 18:33:34 UTC


Would like to give some feedback. Having run this project for a couple of weeks and ran into a lot of problems. Also saw that project management reacted actively so that is good. Still I would like to see a more balanced credit system. Look at this:

The same credit for almost twice the calculation time, and I also noticed that there is a lot of credit difference for the X-ray sources and BHspin WU's.

I have mainly being doing BHspin WU's and I noticed that the work batches have impaired estimates for the necessary calculation time. It would be very nice if that can be ironed out. :)

Regards, Robert.
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Message 897 - Posted: 11 Dec 2015, 18:58:39 UTC - in response to Message 896.  

Thank you for feedback :)
The points problems arrive with short series of WU, where different sets of start parameters gives in results very different computation time.
I had trying to use built in "credit_new" system, but as some of you seem it work... randomly, so I decide to come back to previously used points_per_wu system as it is more predictable.

I think even for series where computation time is as twice bigger then to others current points are good... Let me know if you don't thing so.

Anyway, the problem is that single batch have only 2000WU's and you all take it faster than my machine can finish it to estimate points... (we all doing more than 30'000 WU's per day) ;)

Anyway, very soon we probably again will start longer workunits where I can more accurate predict computation time and set points more accurate.
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Message boards : Number crunching : calculation time and credit

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