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Universe@home project's two main goals are:
  1. to provide scientist with a necessary computational power and
  2. to provide the way of involvement for anyone equipped with a computer and willing to take part in the research
Our simulations deal with fundamental problems of the Universe, which cannot be investigated in a laboratory. From the birth of stars to the utmost energetic supernova explosions, nature still astonishes us but at the same time leaves ways for scientific examination. ... More..
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I have no time to inscribe something here, because I'm counting. Greetings for all from boinc@poland.

Maintenance break
We are planning maintenance break on 28th and 29th of August.

In this two days we will move main server and work station to new location and also we will connect another new server.

The new server will be used as storage machine to serve our results database on Internet and make it available for every interested person or institution.
18 Aug 2017, 15:17:58 UTC · Comment

Short breake
Because I have to go abroad for few days it will be short delay in WU's deployment.

I will create some more about Wednesday.
23 Jun 2017, 15:44:12 UTC · Comment

New apps and WU's
In next few days I will release only short series of WU in different applications because I have to test new work generators for it.
Also, I will start to prepare database with all results for that WU's and slowly start to prepare web interface to download it for everybody who will be interested. This can take one to two weeks as I have other tasks to do in other projects as well :)
18 Apr 2017, 11:09:54 UTC · Comment

Code update
Most of you have probably noticed that we’ve started to introduce a new code to
Universe@Home. The changes are content-related (new models of astrophysical
phenomena) as well as technical (errors in the code). We hope that they will
solve the problems some of you encountered in the previous version of the code.

We’re still going to do research oriented towards binary stars and their
influence on their surroundings. New results, which will be published shortly,
have indicated new directions. Thanks to your help, our work will be continued!


Zapewne część z Was już zauważyła, że zaczęliśmy wprowadzać nowy kod na
Universe@Home. Zmiany dotyczą natury merytorycznej (nowe modele zjawisk
astrofizycznych), jak i technicznych (błędy w kodzie). Mamy nadzieję, że
rozwiążą one również problemy jakie niektórzy z Was napotkali w poprzedniej
wersji kodu.

Dalej zamierzamy prowadzić badania nakierunkowane na gwiazdy podwójne i ich
wpływ na otoczenie. Nowe rezultaty, które już niedługo powinny
zostać opublikowane, wskazały nam nowe kierunki. Dzięki
waszej pomocy mamy zamiar dalej nad nimi pracować!
11 Apr 2017, 9:30:50 UTC · Comment

Server maintenance
Due to moving server to another building tomorrow (31th March) we need to shutdown our main server for few hours.
This will start about 10am UTC and it will take about 4 hours.
30 Mar 2017, 13:35:34 UTC · Comment

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