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Universe@home project's two main goals are:
  1. to provide scientist with a necessary computational power and
  2. to provide the way of involvement for anyone equipped with a computer and willing to take part in the research
Our simulations deal with fundamental problems of the Universe, which cannot be investigated in a laboratory. From the birth of stars to the utmost energetic supernova explosions, nature still astonishes us but at the same time leaves ways for scientific examination. ... More..
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I am a french 72-year-old retired engineer-physicist from Corsica, my country, always curious who wishes to continue acting in fundamental physics and...

New ULX's
New batch of ULX WU's are on server.

The work units are not so long and should finish in less then two ours on medium specs computer.

The application is compiled on 4.9 kernel in Debian 9.1.
On older kernels application will generate errors...
18 Mar 2020, 16:30:57 UTC · Discuss

A synthetic black hole database published!
With a bit of delay, we would like to announce a publication of the first synthetic database including both black holes in binaries, i.e. with gravitationally bound companion stars, and those which exist as single objects. The latter might have formed from massive single stars (at least twenty times more massive than the Sun) or, more probably, as a result of binary disruptions and stellar mergers. This study is a starting point for other more in-depth analysis of black hole populations in the Milky Way and other galaxies. You can find the publication here https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2019ApJ...885....1W, whereas the database is publicly available here https://universeathome.pl/universe/bhdb.php.
3 Mar 2020, 7:49:27 UTC · Discuss

Server update
The project server software must be updated.
Unfortunately, this operation must take place today so I apologize for the lack of prior notice.
Over the next few days, downtime will be possible.
21 Dec 2019, 22:27:56 UTC · Discuss

Hardware upgrade
I just got info that we finally got new server for project and new database server.
Depend on when I arrive to Warsaw we will be off for about one to two days to move everything to the new machines.

It will happen probably from Thursday 24th October until Friday 26th or week later same days.
21 Oct 2019, 17:01:16 UTC · Discuss

Results databases
After last server update I have also prepared NFS based folders with results databases.
So, here is rsults page where you can download all processed data from our project.
26 Jul 2019, 17:12:14 UTC · Discuss

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