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Euphoriabuzz ("I live in Wales UK, I love technology and think grid computing is a great way of helping...")
Alien ("it does not matter where but where we are going as humanity")
Cruncher Pete ("I am a 76 year old man with bad habits. Don't follow me for I might not lead. Don't lead me...")
MarkRBright ("Really nothing much to say. a middle-aged computer geek like millions of others.")
Rodney Duane ("I am retired, and live in Columbus, Ohio. My hobbies include walking, sailing and computer...") ("Hi, i am from Czech Republic, Ostrava city")
justgeo1 ("I'm an old computer nerd that still plays with these toys... Been using "Home Computers"...")
Jhonatan Silva* ("Ftw, just love the stars")
Gnu ("Mad as a box of frogs...Cumberland mud wrestler...and black pudding juggler..")

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