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Emmanuel Tatto
Clandestinu ("I am a french 72-year-old retired engineer-physicist from Corsica, my country, always...")
Rhodan71 ("I live in France where I work as a freelance in software development. I support every...")
[AF] mAxYmUs83 ("My name is Fabrice P. alias [AF]mAxYmUs83. I have been involved in crowd crunching since...")
[Team.Philou.Canaillou]Philou.Canaillou ("Hi! My name is Philippe, I live in France, I am 48 years old and I am a technician in data...")
[AF>Occitania]franky82 ("Photo de bière : ")
Franck Levayer ("J'habite en France, j'ai 52 ans et je suis routier.")
[AF>Libristes] clm78990 ("Bonjour, je suis membre de L'Alliance Francophone, une communauté pour la science....")
[AF>Amis de la mer]_JFC ("Je me presente : je m'appelle Jean-Francois, je suis ne en 1954, je suis marie sans enfant,...")

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