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[AF>Libristes] Kether ("Proud member of the Alliance Francophone !")
[AF>France>IDF]Lic ("La science est toujours utile, on ne perd pas le temps employé à...")
[AF>EDLS]HD10180 ("I'm from France, near Paris. I like boinc projects, especially astronomy because we can...")
[AF>EDLS] Jakez Sulli ("Je participe aux projets BOINC pour aider les scientifiques. Chaque jour, ils en apprennent...")
[AF] yedow ("Salut ! Je suis français, jeune ingénieur en aéronautique. J'aime beaucoup le...")
[AF] fansyl ("Hi, I'm a French electronics engineer. In order, I'm interested in the biology, ecology,...")
[AF] Maxim
[AF>EDLS] frederic abussan
[AF>EDLS] yannock ("French member of l'Alliance Francophone, i like to think that my computing time can help...")

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