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Contact (""I am proud to be a human being. I believe that we have come this far by the skin of our...")
[AF>Quebec]MDodier ("Pays/Country: Canada Province: Québec Ville/City: Banlieu de...")
traveller ("Just some random guy helping out in the area")
Marcus ("By day a mild-mannered banker, but by evening a MAD SCIENTIST!!!!!!!")
Marek Chudzia ("Just a heavy computer user that does not want to waist any unused processing time. It's a...")
Joseph D'arcy ("Je suis diplômer du secondaire !")
Morgan the Gold ("Welcome Universe... Morgan the Gold is here. ")
John Koulouris,(Esq.) ("John A. Koulouris,(Esq.) Accomplishments (1989 - Present) Research,...")
Kirill Kutuzov ("Kyrylo Kutuzov 3944 Castle Road Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 6A4 Tel: +380937127047 Email:...")
pag ("Have a nice Day")

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