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Sagittarius@Star ("I've seen every season of Deep Space 9 in its entirety. I feel like I should be in charge...")
St.Jammy@Home ("Originally, I’m from the UK but now live in New Zealand since 2007 – the best...")
Smankusors ("The programmer, gamer, and YouTuber. Visit my YouTube :")
Sleddie ("Hello, I am from Kazan, Russia. I am a student of Kazan Scientific Research Technical...")
Stacie ("I am a refugee from Seti@Home.")
Steel Kraken ("I'm from the United States, I'm 16, I don't have a job (yet), I play video games and I play...")
Stony666 ("Stolzes Mitglied des Grünen Planeten! Ich lebe in der Nähe von Frankfurt Ich...")
soyon101 ("A kid who loves Astronomy, believes that we are not alone in the Universe. Doing...")
Scott Cox ("I search for prime numbers on Primegrid. Ni!")
Sune ("24 yo")

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