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Hrobnik ("Jsem z Nového Jičína (obec Žilina),je mi 51 let,dělám...")
heizer (" Team P3D")
haer ("Hi, born 1972, I live near Brno city in the Czech Republic and work in electronics as a...")
Handicap [SG-FC]
HaWe ("Seit vielen Jahren beteilige ich mich am verteilten Rechnen, da ich schwerbehinderter...")
Humphrey ("I am a game developer and love science. Since I am not using all of my computers...")
hiroto ("My name is Hiroto I living with dog in Japan (Female dog, name is Momo )")
HP6570b ("I'm from South Africa and now live in Cape Town It is a struggle to keep thing cool in...")
HK-Steve ("Crunching@EVGA is my Team, I am Australian now living in Switzerland and Love to Crunch....")
Hackschi ("I come from Aalen/Germany and like to program with python at github.")

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