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djrichmatthews ("Originally from San Diego, now somehow stuck in L.A. until I figure a way back to the 619....")
DerLetzteGermane ("Hi, I am the "DerLetzteGermane" from Germany and have two unusual hobbies. Golf and...")
dcushing ("Retired USCG Communicator")
DARCOMP ("Nasz punkt czyli sklep PARYSKI pracuje w pocie czoła, również na rzecz nauki,...")
D J Finch ("Former research neurobiologist (Sussex/CRPC), ex-government scientist (DETR/TRL) and...")
Drew ("USAF SSgt Security Police 1981-85 Hahn Air Base (Federal Republic of Germany) PAANG...")
Dune Finkleberry ("You already know all you need to know.")
darquill ("Web developer, wannabe hacker (in the original meaning of the term), lightsaber combat...")
Delvydo Melvernaldo ("I am an earthling interested in figuring out how the Universe works. I am currently...")

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