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Checker's ("Retired Senior Database Admin")
ChUcK ("I've been participating in distributed computing since 1999. I move the computers into my...")
Cold War Spygeek
Casey Lellock ("Energy and Environmental Engineer from Pennsylvania, United States. I build computers and I...")
Cozmic ("Father, hobby musician, hobby astronomer, craftbeer lover from Germany. I am born 1972 and...")
Christian Wilson ("Retired Navy Chief Electronics Technician and retired State of Oregon Scientific Instrument...")
Cthulhu ("“We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and...")
chr80 ("I think I will contribute a lot to my team in this project. The rest of the Moldovans,...")
cristescuvlad ("Software Engineer from Bucharest, Romania. Lifetime passion for space, fantasy and soccer!")

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