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CR62 ("Hello folks, this is CR62 from Germany, I am addicted to BOINC since 2004. ")
count0 ("plain crazy ;-)")
cineon_lut [BlackOps] ("Born 1970, United States. I'm a VFX engineer who joined up with SETI@Home in 2004. ...")
CrossFireX95 ("UH Engineering")
CosmossS ("Hello people!")
Comindware ("I'm working for Comindware® is a fast-growing, global enterprise software company...")
Chris ("I am from Camp LeJune, NC and currently live in Tucson, AZ (Go Cats!) and work as a cable...")
Chooka ("I live in Brisbane - Australia. I love all things space. I own a 10" dobsonian telescope...")
CJB ("Age - over 60 Married and a Grandfather Teachers aide Hobbies - hunting with...")
commounistis George Kalemakis ("Καλεμακης Γεωργιος...")

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