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A Starful of Moons ("So I found out about this thing called BOINC a few days ago, months after a friend told me...")
anton_vasilev ("")
apohawk ("I'm from Poland and I'm a linux sysadmin. My interests and hobbies include aikido, linux,...")
Anderson-jose ("Anderson Jose 38 natural de São João-PR cidade São Jorge D´Oeste-PR.")
aleluyeah ("Engineer with passion for science. BOINC cruncher.")
Adamovic Milan ("I trainning sport running and bodybuilding.I very much love science (the most astrophysics...")
arctic light ("Proud member of SETI.Germany and SGaktiv! My hobbies are listening to music, reading...")
Arogant ("I am czech, like boinc, geocaching and beer ;o)")
arsenia ("I am an automation engineer at Piraeus University of applied sciences (Greece ) .")

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