1) Message boards : Number crunching : Not getting tasks on R-Pi (Message 2421)
Posted 12 Oct 2017 by TheHoosh
The same happened on my two Linux desktops.
According to the server status page there are no workunits to be sent, i.e. there is no work available.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Long running work units (Message 1154)
Posted 28 Apr 2016 by TheHoosh
A couple of days ago I received some of those long-running WUs as well.
And just like on your machine(s), they all got stuck at random levels of completion (which stands in contrast to the previous and occasionally occuring long-running WUs).

Some ran longer than 9 hours and did not proceed farther than 10%, others were stuck at around 90% after running for 21 hours.
I canceled all of them as they've appeared to be somehow corrupted to me.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : No New Work (Message 926)
Posted 16 Dec 2015 by TheHoosh
I'm using a 2+1 buffer on all of my machines, so that should not be the problem.
Also, since this morning my Linux machine doesn't receive any new WUs either...

That's odd.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : No New Work (Message 920)
Posted 15 Dec 2015 by TheHoosh
I'm sorry to hijack this rather old thread, but it just fits to my problem:

I'm using a Linux and a Windows machine for crunching. My linux rig is happily crunching along, processing all those new BHspin 0.05 tasks.
My windows machine, however, does not receive any workunits at all.
I checked my application preferences and everything except for the Android application is selected.
I tried to reset the project but I'm still not getting any WUs on my Windows machine.

Is there something wrong with my account/machine or is this a general problem?
5) Message boards : News : New code (Message 724)
Posted 10 Nov 2015 by TheHoosh
Something still seems to be wrong with those new BHspin workunits.
First they resulted in 0 credits, then 200, and now 333.

It also seems like their results are not being added to the overall computer/accounts stats.
For example, my new Linux machine completed 34 valid BHSpins up until now, each 333 credits, but only has 10,058 credits in total (it should be 11,322 based on the BHSpins alone).
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows - Linux performance (Message 712)
Posted 6 Nov 2015 by TheHoosh
Are there already some figures available on how the runtime of the new application differs between Linux and Windows?
I'm currently contemplating to migrate another one of my crunchers back to Linux, so I wonder if this will have any "negative" impact on how much I can contribute to this project?
7) Message boards : News : Longer work units (Message 612)
Posted 15 Oct 2015 by TheHoosh
IIRC the estimated runtime is calculated by your local Boinc client after crunching a certain amount of WUs of one and the same application.
8) Message boards : News : Longer work units (Message 610)
Posted 15 Oct 2015 by TheHoosh
(1) RLOF work unit that will take 30 hours or more. Hoping these will be at least 1500 to compensate for the risk of losing work or a computation error late in the unit. It seems you like fractional numbers, how about 1666.65?

They seem to be granting 1,538.46 credits for each of those new WUs.
Take a look at WU 2830585 for example.
9) Message boards : News : Longer work units (Message 591)
Posted 13 Oct 2015 by TheHoosh
Will the deadlines be adjusted likewise? Otherwise all the people that just crunch a couple of hours per day will be "excluded" from this project.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Different data sets? (Message 559)
Posted 24 Sep 2015 by TheHoosh
Thank you for the clarification!
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Different data sets? (Message 557)
Posted 24 Sep 2015 by TheHoosh
Are there any "conceptual" differences between those two data sets that are currently being crunched by my machines:


I've noticed that the reference_11 work units take less time to complete and also result in much smaller files being returned to the servers (which btw. is great considering my crappy internet connection).

I'm just curious :D
12) Message boards : News : New applicaion (Message 475)
Posted 18 Aug 2015 by TheHoosh
The new application seems to be working fine. Thank you for the update!

Apparenlty the new application underwent a major redesign as my machine runs much cooler than before.
With the previous app my i5-3320M burned about 17W per hour, now it's down to 11.5W per hour (same clock speed, same BOINC settings, same CPU utilization, etc.).
The average computation time per WU has risen from 13500 seconds to 22500 seconds (+67%), whereas credits have risen from 222 to 333 (+50%).
13) Message boards : News : Work Units cancelled (Message 218)
Posted 31 Mar 2015 by TheHoosh
Thanks for letting us know! I was already wondering why they were running for 22+ hours and were still not done.

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